Central Bernard's Team

A team of highly skilled professionals

All members of our staff have made the "meat business" their career. Each employee is experienced, understands the importance of food safety, and has been trained extensively in order to bring value to the work they perform. Central Bernard's management team alone has over 150 years of meat and poultry related experience. Our empowered staff is expected to actively participate in many aspects of our business and to help us achieve or exceed the results our customers demand.

With a focus on chain store production, our experienced team prides itself on its ability to continuously produce the quality products that Central Bernard's reputation has been built on. We combine the best of both worlds, using the latest equipment and processing techniques while maintaining the human component throughout our process wherevertechnology has not been able to improve upon the skills of our trained professionals.

“Our people take great pride in the work they do and
in our ability to meet or exceed our customers’ needs”.